Classes run all year round, except for Bank Holidays, no need to book, just turn up! 

Class Timetable 


Complete Beginners Class and Improvers Class plus practice time

Venue: Upstairs in the Function Room at The Good Companions Pub, 132 Dyke Road, Brighton BN1 3TE, in the 7 Dials area of Brighton

7.30pm - 8.40pm - Complete Beginners

8.30pm - 9.40pm - Improvers

9.40pm - 10.30pm - Practice time

£6 for each class or £8 for them both.

£2 for Practice time from 9.40pm only.

Description: We teach Complete Beginners and Improvers Classes every Monday (except Bank Holidays) and lots of time for practicing after class.  There is a 10 minute crossover between Beginners and Improvers for a bit more practice, meeting new people and any questions.  The Good Companions is a conveniently located friendly and cosy pub that is very welcoming to dancers. It serves a good selection of beers, real ale, wine and soft drinks and also cheap bar snacks and lovely food until 10pm.



The A Train

Venue: The Railway Social Club, 4 Belmont, Brighton, BN1 3TF, in the 7 Dials area of Brighton.

7.30pm - 8.30pm - Fast Beginners Class

8.30pm onwards - Practice time and Social Dancing

£7 for class and dancing, £3 entry after 8.30pm

Description: If you are serious about learning to dance, then this class is for you.  We have a structured programme which will teach all the basic moves over a 3 month period.  The first class of the month will introduce you to a new concept which we will  build on in the month ahead all classes will be drop in and there is no need to attend every week, however weekly attendance will ensure you learn quicker!  The last class of the month we will put everything together, so this may be difficult (but not impossible) for a those who have not attended weekly.  See below for a full description of the class itinerary.  After class our amazing swing DJs will be playing music at just the right tempo for practicing your moves and building confidence in your social dancing.  No need to book, just turn up!


First Tuesday of each month 

Improving Improvers Class

Venue: West Hill Hall, Compton Avenue, Brighton, BN1 3PS in the 7 Dials area of Brighton.

7.30pm - 8.30pm - Improvers


Description: This monthly class is for anyone who has been coming to beginners or improvers for a while and wants to get ready for intermediates.  We teach this class on the first Tuesday of the month (except Bank Holidays) at West Hill Hall conveniently located in the Seven Dials area of Brighton.  West Hill Hall is found at the Buckingham Place end of Compton Avenue, just opposite the street corner.


Beginners and Intermediates

Venue: Ralli Hall, Denmark Villas, Hove, BN3 3TH

7:30pm - 8.30pm - Complete Beginners

8.30pm - 9.30pm - Intermediates

£6 each class or £8 for both

Description: Beginners and Intermediates class every Wednesday at Ralli Hall.  Intermediate dancers should be confident social dancers and be able to put moves together without instruction.  In these classes we focus on technique and styling.



Authentic Jazz 

Venue: Bird Studios, New England St, Brighton, BN1 4GW

8:30pm - 9.30pm - The Big Apple

£10 drop in or book to learn the whole routine for £45 

Description: Authentic Jazz is dancing to Jazz music from the Swing Era.  In these classes we'll be learning famous routines from the 1920s-1930s movies.  This time we are learning the Big Apple a routine choreographed by Frankie Manning for the 1939 film Keep Punchin'.  It's a challenging routine, so you will need a bit of grit and determination to get through it, but it's lots of fun to learn and you can choose to just learn a bit or the whole thing! This is every other Thursday on the dates: 12th March, 26th March, 9th April, 23rd April, 7th May and 21st May.


Charleston Athletic

Venue: Bird Studios, New England St, Brighton, BN1 4GW

7:30pm - 8.15pm - Dance exercise class suitable for beginners.

£7 drop in or book for a group of 4 classes for £20.  

Description: Learn some easy Charleston moves which will increase in speed to give you a great workout.  Wear your gym gear as this is an exercise class that will make you sweat!   This is every other Thursday on the dates: 19th March, 2nd April, 16th April, 30th April, 14th May, 28th May.

Every first Saturday of the month - Complete Beginners Taster Class

Venue: Brighton Open Market, Marshalls Row, Brighton and Hove, BN1 4JU



Description: A brand new Complete Beginners Taster Class every first Saturday of the month at Brighton Open Market.  Come along and join us at this fab location ... explore the market and learn some cool moves for the dance floor!


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 Class info

Lindy hop dance classes are the perfect way to meet new people, listen to some great swing music and build confidence on the dance floor.

Beginners classes:

We all have to start somewhere and the Beginners class is the perfect place! No partner needed. Graeme and Amanda make these classes fun and relaxed. By the end of just one lesson you will be able to pull out a couple of moves. But if you want to be the envy of all on the dance floor we recommend you attend around 8-10 classes to be able to really swing!

For anyone who has never danced before, who has danced for a short while or who would like to refresh some of the skills they've already learnt. Everyone welcome!

Improvers Classes:

For those of you who can either already dance, or beginners who just can't get enough and are hungry for more tips! We will be teaching dance routines such as the Shim Sham and the Jitterbug stroll, Jazz steps and Charleston. All mixed in with tips about momentum, connection, musicality and all the technical bits about Lindy Hop. You'll need to have a bit of confidence on the dance floor to get the most out of the lessons, but everyone's welcome!

Intermediates Classes:

For those who have been lindy hopping for a little while, are familiar with swing outs, partnered charleston and are ready for more!  We will get a bit more technical, teach new moves and jazz steps.  If you're wondering if this is for you, talk to us in class or give us a call.  No booking necessary, we look forward to seeing you there!

Social dancing:

Partner dancing is a lost art form, there is nothing better than sharing a random few minutes with someone on the dance floor. Lindy Hop is about having fun, how well you dance is not as important as how much you enjoy dancing!

Graeme and Amanda understand that the idea of social dancing can be a little scary at first, so they organise practice sessions at every dance class. Hang around for social dancing as this is an essential part of the learning to dance experience and a great opportunity to get to know your fellow Lindy Hoppers. Graeme and Amanda will be on standby to answer any questions you have about what you are learning in lessons or lindy hop in general. They also organise regular outings to introduce their students to the wider swing dance scene.

Dance and be happy - everyone welcome!

Taster Classes:

Come and see what all the fuss is about, we guarantee you will leave this class wanting more! For anyone wishing to find out a little bit more about lindy hop and wanting to learn a few basic moves to do on the dance floor. We usually teach taster classes at the beginning of a dance event, such as the Brighton Swing Thing. Everyone welcome!


Wear whatever you feel comfortable in. We recommend flat shoes (not flip flops), with a smooth sole. If you like the idea of dressing in clothing of the era, Amanda is available to give tips of what to wear and where to buy it either online or in Brighton - just ask!


 Fast beginners time table 2014

January - basic moves, February - Swing out and variations, March - Partnered Charleston, April - Confident social dancing and musicality, May - Basics, June - Swing out and variations, July -  Partnered Charleston, August - Confident social dancing and musicality, September - Basics, October- Swing out and variations, November - Partnered Charleston, December - Confident social dancing and musicality.


Amanda - 07753 443632 Graeme - 07533 423456


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