About Us 

We choose our teachers for their love and passion for lindy hop and the music of the era, also for their commitment to continued development and learning and also their ability to encourage and inspire others. 


Graeme and Amanda are lindy hoppers based in Brighton. Graeme is great at transforming even those with two left feet into good dancers.  Since discovering lindy hop Graeme is committed to being the best dancer he can be and is keen to bring all he learns to the people of Brighton.



Sim oozes style and individuality in his dancing and has a focus on self expression and experimental dancing, which is perfect for those of you who have done beginners classes and are now ready to make this dance your own!  Sim has been dancing for several years and was part of the Swingland performance troupe The Attic Cats.  Sim is also a Swing DJ and has played regularly at CJam and Brighton Swing Thing.


Sarah is a well known face on the Brighton Lindy Hop scene – one of the resident white mink dancers, Sarah is responsible for introducing Lindy Hop to many people in Brighton.  Sarah inspires and encourages people to try dancing and loves the inclusivity of the Lindy Hop scene.  If you have the pleasure of being taught by Sarah we have to warn you her enthusiasm is contagious!


Liz's passion for lindy hop shines through in every class. You'll learn how to dance, but more importantly you'll learn how to have fun doing so! Liz is one of those teachers who can make even the most complicated things sound simple, which is great no matter what level you are!


After a life time of considering herself a non dancer Amanda discovered lindy hop and it's changed her life!  She has always had a love of Swing music and finds lindy hop the perfect way for her to pretend she lives in a 1940s musical. Between them they create a relaxed and entertaining learning environment to help build confidence and enjoy lindy hopping.



Anna is our little Miss Showbiz – never to be mistaken for a shrinking wall flower Anna is keen to show off her skills on the dance floor and encourage others to do the same.  If we ever need help with choreography or performance, Anna is our go to person – what a little ray of sunshine she is and now on our teaching team, Anna is available to help you all bring out your inner sparkle!

Ever since Steve caught the lindy bug, he's been a regular on the scene not just in the UK but all over the world!  From Herrang to Budapest to New York, he's known for being the first on the dance floor and the last one off - if they made Duracell Bunnies for lindy hop, then they'd look like Steve!  His love for authentic jazz emanates through his dancing.  A true lindy inspiration!


Andy and Kirsten are fun loving and experienced teachers who would love to share their dancing journey with you.  With a particular interest in body mechanics and the health benefits of Lindy Hop, meeting these two will have you thinking about dance in a whole new way and leave you with a big smile on your face.  

This is Adam - if you have met him you will adore him already.  If you have not met him, you're in for a treat.  One of Brighton's real characters with such a generous nature combined with a creative and adventurous spirit, his teaching is never boring!


About Lindy Hop  

The lindy hop is a social dance from the swing dance family, also known as the jitterbug. It evolved in Harlem in New York City in the 1920s and 30s along with the jazz music of that time.

The 1980s saw a revival in America and Sweden which quickly spread to the UK. Lindy hop is a fun dance and classes are popular in all major cities.

The ultimate lindy hop dance scene can be viewed here...whilst we won't be teaching this in beginners class, we look forward to trying some of the moves with the more adventurous and daring students!


Check out this video of the taster class for absolute beginners, in just one hour everyone was Lindy Hopping!  


Amanda - 07753 443632 Graeme - 07533 423456



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