Videos of us in action!


See us dancing at the Mesmerist in Brighton every Monday and Wednesday or join our mailing list to be informed of upcoming performances.


Lindy Hop in Brighton

Lindy hopper and vintage creative extraordinaire Matt Keller put together this fab video which captures why lindy hop is so great!


Brighton Swing Thing in the Spiegeltent

We spent a lovely afternoon in the famous Spiegeltent as it hosted our sold out Brighton Swing Thing, the delightful Cat Club Swing played some fab music and all the dancers were out it their Sunday best.


Happy Frankie 99!

Frankie Manning - Ambassador of Lindy Hop sadly died just before his 95th birthday. It would have been his 99th Birthday next week and Lindy hoppers all over the world are making tribute is ours.


Dancing to the Swing Ninjas

See us dancing to the amazing Swing Ninjas playing Jada at White Mink in Brighton.

Performing at Brighton Festival

Brighton Lindyhoppers, Graeme and Amanda performing for Ragroof Theatre at the Spiegeltent as part of Brighton Festival 2013.


Swing Ninjas Video! 

We had a wonderful time filming with the Swing Ninjas for their video 3 Blind Mice. 


Check out Brighton based band the Swing Ninjas for great music and their latest album Stop Killing The Jazz Man.


Brighton Lindy Hoppers at London Swing Festival 2012




We had such a fun time working with talented Director and Animator Katie Sommers and team, and with the Swing Ninjas on the fantastic Shoes! animation.  Check out the animation and the blog for more info.



Amanda - 07753 443632   Graeme - 07533 423456


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